Summer Band Camps


Why Are Band Camps Important?

There are lots of reasons!

First, our students get audition practice and support. Auditioning is a major part of our year – both for ensembles at Gatesville, and for Region Band auditions. The more experience our students can gain, the better they’ll do. Our students approaching their senior year can get a head start on preparing for college auditions. Many summer music programs are staffed by faculty who will listen to their recorded and live auditions. This is a great time to get feedback and start thinking about how to present oneself to a prospective music school.

Third, it allows our students an opportunity to explore new music. Summer is the perfect time to learn about new instruments, genres, and fields of music. Program faculty are more relaxed than during the school year, and have time to mentor students and develop supportive relationships that may last long after the program ends.

Lastly, it makes our students better musicians. By the time school starts, students who’ve attended summer music programs typically find their musical skills have taken a giant leap forward. Practicing takes on a whole new meaning – students learn how to practice longer and more efficiently. New practicing habits tend to be long-lasting.

Scholarships are available through the Band Booster Club. Please contact a director for more information!

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