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Gatesville fighting hornet marching band

The Gatesville Fighting Hornet Marching Band is the largest student organization at Gatesville ISD. It consists of approximately 120 students and Color Guard members. This group begins rehearsing in late July in order to be ready for the start of
the marching season. The FHMB travels to every football game and performs at halftime. They compete in local marching competitions and have been consistently awarded Superior ratings at UIL Marching Contest. In even-numbered years,
the FHMB is eligible to compete up to the State level in UIL Marching Contests.

Fees & Information

Important Information

We will be using our online web program CHARMS in an effort to establish a better communication system as well as a calendar, financial information, news updates and volunteer opportunities. Band Fees for this upcoming year are a baseline fee
of $75 which will include shirts, uniform fee, and snacks for away games. Additional items such as marching shoes, gloves, and juguzzi/water jug will be an added cost if needed.

These items do not all have to be paid all at once.

We will be using CHARMS as a financial account, which will track your purchases and payments throughout the year. The staff has worked tirelessly with the athletic department in order to set up a schedule that will give our students (particularly
those involved in athletics) the best opportunity to participate in all activities.

Rehearsals during the school year will be every day from 7:15 AM through the first period class. There will also be mandatory Monday Night Rehearsals from 5 PM – 8:30 PM. On Fridays students will have a graded run-through before football games.

We have also included some information on how to prepare your student for the summer days as well as the things he/she will need in order to stay comfortable during rehearsals. It is imperative that all students participate in all rehearsal in order
to reach the goals that the students and staff have set forth this year.

Marching Band Fees & Costs

Band Fee: $75*

Marching Shoes: $35

Show Shirt: $20

Water Jug: $10

Water Jug Cover: $20

Jug Cover Embroidery: $5

G Dry Fit Shirt: $10

#Sound Shirt: $10

G Shirt #Sound Shirt Combo: $15

Flip Folder: $5

Total: $190

*this fee covers uniform fee, themed shirt, and snacks for away games

Safety Tips & Needs


Below is a checklist of things that all marching band students should be aware of during summer band and the marching season. Hot weather can be extremely dangerous. Proper hydration, sunscreen, and good habits are all important for student safety.

What You Need

Gatesville marching band on the football field wearing white t-shirts

1. Your Instrument – If you do not play a school owned instrument please remember to bring this important tool.

2. Proper Attire– All students should wear light colored T-Shirts and athletic shorts. Please be aware that this is a school activity, and thus school dress code will be enforced.

3. Athletic Shoes – We want to simulate the use of marching shoes as much as possible during rehearsals. Converse, Sperrys, sandals, sliders, boots, heels, or any other form of shoe is not acceptable. Some of these footwear can actually be a
danger in marching band. Tennis shoes, cross-trainers, or walking shoes are all appropriate.

4. Water Jug – It is important that each student have a water jug for band rehearsal. Hydration is a major key to success. Jugs as well as slings will be available for purchase during camps.

5. Hats – While not required, we strongly encourage all students to wear hats to protect themselves from the sun. Frequent sunburn greatly increases one’s lifetime risk of skin cancer.

6. Sunscreen – Please wear sunscreen. We want to see your children on the marching field, not lobsters. Again, frequent sunburns can lead to skin cancer.

7. Sunglasses – Not just because it’s a fashion statement or that you’re cool – we encourage students to wear sunglasses with UV protection in the lenses, as getting a sunburn on your retinas is extremely unpleasant.

Keys To Success

Girls from the Gatesville marching band lined up on the football field

1. Rest – Marching band can be strenuous on the body so getting plenty of rest is essential for your body and your brain, particularly for players of large/heavy brass instruments and drumline members.

2. Acclimate – Parents, I recommend that your child start spending some time outside prior to summer marching band. Small walks in the afternoon are a great way to exercise and acclimate to the heat.

3. Hydrate – Drink WATER. Energy drinks, sodas, and any other beverage that is not water may taste great but it can create dehydration.

4. Eat Healthy – Students need to eat a good breakfast in the mornings (be careful of dairy products and heat). A good mix of protein and carbohydrates will give students the fuel they need for marching practice.

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